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The Aquatec project was set up in June 2009 by Andrew Haines, an electronic music producer/Dj from the U.K. The project is primarily audio based and is aimed at engaging a more emotive, experimental and minimalistic sound drawing inspiration from 21st century life experiences and the world around us.

The project is an evolving entity and is not aimed at any particular electronic music genre, instead being intended as a bridge between various schools of electronic music classification.

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1. Alternator Dub
2. Mogiya
3. Dresden (Edit)
4. Alpha Delphaea
5. Sputnik
6. Deep Blue Corners
7. East Lancashire
8. Vilnius
9. Napoli
10. Infra Flux
11. Novosibersk
12. Detroilin
13. Bildamburg
14. Albion (Edit)
15. Constantinople


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