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Radio-Alternator is launching with a new idea. We intend to invite musicians of different music backgrounds (producers, DJ’s, compositors etc.), musisians that we really like and admire for their work and we think they’re worth listening to. So each month we will give our support to them by creating a podcast action where all these musicians will be able to present their work.

In Semptember we will begin with two electronic music producers: Aquatec (an interesting musician creating atmosphere, reminds of Monolake productions) and Filip Roter (Polish musician realesing his debut album on mighty label Mille Pleatux).



The Aquatec project was set up in June 2009 by Andrew Haines, an electronic music producer/Dj from the U.K. The Aquatec project is primarily audio based and is aimed at engaging a more emotive, experimental and minimalistic sound drawing inspiration from 21st century life experiences and the world around us. The project is an evolving entity and is not aimed at any particular electronic music genre, instead being intended as a bridge between various schools of electronic music classification.

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Filip Roter

Filip Roter – Polish electronic music – expresstronic music producer and author of – minimal poetry from Katowice. Artist combines different means of artistic expression: music, poetry and visual arts and creates a complementary entity.

Artist’s productions could be described as foremost widely understood Minimal – Forms, generated by means of techniques known from glitch, sound collage, techno.

Filip’s inspirations have led to generation of a new, individual style – namely- Expresstronic. Attention to detail, and to personal, unhindered style, which major trait is emotional and well thought out artist’s expression are chief qualities of his works.

Filip Roter is member of  Mille Plateaux Label and in 2009 his first record will be released. He cooperates also with net label 49 – Mannequins.

„This is a style of music that is more fashion than function”

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