Guest Cast 16 / Periskop @ Radio Alternator

Danny Kreutzfeldt (Periskop). Zdjęcie: Sune Petersen (; źródło

Periskop is the solo project of Danish electronic music producer Danny Kreutzfeldt. He has been active since the early 00’s releasing and performing under different names in a lot of styles and on many CD – and netlabel-releases.

Most notably atmospheric electronica and experimental techno as Sgnl_Fltr and ambient, drones and noise under his own name.

In 2007 he started a website, where he began to offer a strange new breed of nihilistic minimal dub with heavy techno and industrial influences for free download. This became the home of the Periskop project, which today appears to be the only active project he’s producing under.

On the website he has uploaded an absolutely staggering amount of music, going from ocean deep 15 BPM dubscapes through heavy industrial dub to hypnotic basedriven techno. All made according to some strict production codes and automated processes – and all freely downloadable.

The set he’s prepared for Radio Alternator contains a few recent tracks from the website, but also tracks for secret future Periskop-related endeavours as well as a track made just for this Guest Cast.

Listen below special Guest Cast for Radio Alternator.

periskop guestcast for Radio Alternator

1. Periskop – Untitled
2. Periskop – 15-08-1152-211009-27818
3. Periskop – 80_60-18-1147-060410-27635
4. Periskop – Untitled (Radio Alternator exclusive)
5. Periskop – Untitled
6. Periskop – Untitled


Periskop releases:
Periskop – 15
Periskop – 80_60
Periskop – circle(125)
Periskop – shatter[80_60]

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