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Chemical Tapes are various doses of mind altering experimental audio.

Based on the psychoactive phenethylamine chemical derivatives, notably those that act as psychedelics and/or empathogen-entactogens. Tape series, with a clean minimal aesthetic.

Each release is a psychedelic compound, complete with its unique chemical name. White tapes, unique jcard art, produbbed and pro cassette imprinted and free hex logo sticker. All cassette sales come with a free MP3 version of the release and each album is also available in MP3/FLAC/WAV.

They aim to put out experimental / psych / drone / synth / noise / ambient / electronic / folk work.

So far they have released albums by Maps And Diagrams, Indian Weapons, Machinefabriek, Mohave Triangles, Flotel & Drekka. In the pipeline they have releases from Pleq, Relmic Statute, Benge and Tidal.

Listen special Guest Cast for

1. Mohave Triangles – Return To Infinity (Excerpt)
2. Maps And Diagrams – Lost In Space
3. Flotel – Frozen Together (Excerpt)
4. Machinefabriek – Livemaze (Excerpt)
5. Drekka – Live In Europe (Excerpt 1)
6. Drekka – Live In Europe (Excerpt 2)
7. Indian Weapons – Clinic (Excerpt)


Chemical Tapes releases:
Indian Weapons – Labyrinth
Machinefabriek – Livemaze
Maps And Diagrams – Red Moon Rising



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