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The Paraphonic sound aims to be deep, innovative and experimental. The Paraphonic project is about grass-roots experimentation and believes in supporting independent artists and their means of organic expression.

Listen special Guest Cast for

1. Paraphonic – Kamchatka (Christoph Schindling Remix) (Load and Clear Netlabel)
2. Paraphonic – Kamchatka (Ocralab Remix) (Load and Clear Netlabel)
3. Paraphonic – Ornithoptica (Unreleased)
4. Paraphonic – Malkin Tower (Unreleased)
5. Paraphonic – Tribute To Pablo and Knuckles (Unreleased)
6. Paraphonic & IGOR – Collage (Kosmo Netlabel)
7. Paraphonic – Centaur (Load and Clear Netlabel)
8. Paraphonic – Vilaltic (Load and Clear Netlabel)
9. Injham – Russian Vampire (Paraphonic Dub) (Kosmo Netlabel)
10.  Paraphonic – Fell Wood Dub (Kosmo Netlabel)
11.  Paraphonic – Par Avion (Kosmo Netlabel)
12.  Paraphonic – Autumnal II (Unreleased)

All tracks written and produced by Andrew Haines as part of the Paraphonic project except; track 1 was produced by Christoph Schindling as a remix, track 2 was produced by Ocralab as a remix and track 9 was written by Injham and produced by Paraphonic as a remix.


Paraphonic releases:

Paraphonic – Reformations E.P [Load and Clear Netlabel]
Paraphonic – Soir E.P. [Kosmo Netlabel]



All audio works are designated for CC Licence release (Attribution) and are available as free download, all tracks can be copied and shared and performed but only if credit is given to their copyright owner as they see fit. Commercial use of  any of these tracks is prohibited unless a private deal is obtained from their original copyright owners.

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