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The Nautilus Project, firstly conceptualized by various music orientations, was successfully launched on the 6th of May in 2008 after a long-winded time between a plenty of thoughts, visions and decisions how to create and to pass own mind-based music into reality. The main intention is a reflection of feelings and impressions due to an emotional passion of electronic sounds in every way, generating unique music by a lot of inspirations of different artists. Thereby the project is mainly based on deep and liquid sounds of Dub/Tech & Mindspace Electronica, strongly influenced by powerful delays, expressive effects and atmospheric ocean themes.

Nemo, the artist of this project himself, had started his music career as a DJ, acting between national & international clubs within the dark electro scene. Solidifying his own style, he did this work more and more digitally and recorded a lot of Nonstop-Mixes, when his heart became addicted to the roots of the techno he heard in his youth. But it was not enough for him to hear and mix the sounds, he would want to produce his own tracks.

In such a way, he formed „The Nautilus Project” by adding the well-known ship name as a match to transport his idea. The substance of this music you are about to hear is not related to any stuff of Jules Verne’s novels except the names of „Nemo” and „Nautilus”. The artist’s pseudonym is an insider dedication of his youth, in which he merged since he was 14 years old. So „The Nautilus Project” is the manifested result of what he wants to transmit into reality.

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1. Biodub – Massive Central (Nautilus Remix)
2. Inn-R – NGC3628 (Nautilus Modification)
3. The Nautilus Project – Undersea Dub
4. The Nautilus Project – 20000 Miles Below (Marko Fürstenberg Remix)
5. The Nautilus Project – Nautical Dub
6. Hieronymus – Banana Republic (Nautilus Dub)
7. The Nautilus Project – Unexplored Polar Zone


The Nautilus Project releases:
20000 Miles Below [Arteqcue]
20000 Miles Below Remixes [Arteqcue]
Backdrift To Sea [ZeECc]



ZeECc is a French music platform launched in February 2009.

Dedicated to dub-techno, deep-techno and IDM, this one proposes digital release and special CD edition, limited to 100 copies at max.


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