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Pleq is an ingenious experimental project by Bartosz Dziadosz. Born in 1983. Philosophy student. Based in Katowice, Poland; Pleq has developed his highly-synthetic competencies through a series of disreality attempts, monastery supervision and a truly Romantic way of handling peer pressure.

His motives in sound resemble an abandoned ironworks garage during the industrial revolution, where melancholy is paired with harmonies of magnetizing structure. Pleq’s initial exposure began with a weekly residency at Elektro Klub, a nationally recognized sanctuary for circuit-fitted audience. Pleq’s music is the final answer to understanding social obedience through sound.

Review about Bartosz Dziadosz The Metamorphosis on Smallfish site:

Apology out of the way I’ll move on to this absolutely superb album for U-Cover. ‚The Metamorphosis’ is a beautifully put together collection of electronic tracks in varying styles and flavours. In fact it almost feels like it’s been put together specifically for my listening enjoyment, such is the diverse range of tones and textures. From the deepest ambient tracks through to simply luscious electronica which has a classic feel but with a contemporary twist to the production and then on into micro tracks with intricate, clicky percussion. It’s this combination that is so utterly compelling and Pleq are unafraid to turn their hand to any number of approaches. Yet it hangs together as an album so well that the elements never feel disjointed or wrong. There’s one particular section featuring the tracks ‚Don’t Cry My Dear’, ‚I Think In These Terms Every Time’ and ‚Metamorphosis Pt. 2’ that I’ve been going back to all evening as they almost a create a mini-album within an album and seem to have a complete narrative between them. Really quite marvellous. So, in essence, this is another very fine release for U-Cover and a brilliant piece of pure electronica from Pleq. Super stuff.

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  1. Pleq – Calm Coolness [Pleq & Segue – The Seed Label: Databloem – Coming Soon]
  2. Pleq – Someone Like Comes Into Your Life [Unlabel]
  3. Pleq – My Life Begin Today [Unlabel]
  4. Segue – Pocket Full Of Blue (Pleq RMX) [Pleq & Segue – Pocket Full Of Blue Label: U-Cover MiniAlbum 2009]
  5. Pleq – The Ribbon [Unlabel]
  6. Pleq – The Fallen Love [Pleq – The Fallen Love Label: VU-US 2009]
  7. Pleq & Chihiro – Metamorphosis Pt. 1 [Pleq – The Metamorphosis Label: U-Cover 2009]
  8. Pleq – My Little Story About My Love [Unlabel]
  9. Pleq & Manekinekod – Maus [Pleq – The Metamorphosis Label: U-Cover 2009]
  10. Pleq & Segue – The Seed (Pleq – The Fallen Love Label: VU-US 2009)
  11. Pleq & Chihiro – A Very Gentle Death [Unlabel]
  12. Pleq – On Your Way [Unlabel]
  13. Pleq – I Saw Some Pretty Flowers Today
  14. Manekinekod – The Robot Can’t Swim (Pleq RMX) [Unlabel]
  15. Pleq – Raindrop [Unlabel]


Pleq releases:
But It Does Not End There [Crazy Language]
Intelligible [77industry]
Lucid Dream [Halbsicht Records]
Songs Of Sens And Nonsens [Envizagae]
The Lost Beauty [October Man Recordings]
The Fallen Love [vu-us]
The Metamorphosis [U-Cover CDr Limited]
Pocket Full Of Blue [U-Cover Minidisc]

Nous releases:
Notum [77industry]



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