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Lethem (aka Lewis Baker) is an artist based in North London who started releasing records in late 2008, inspired by his surroundings and the London dubstep scene. His music is a fusion of his long term, established dub influences, such as Bunny Lee and King Tubby, produced with a minimal dubstep sound influenced by contemporary artists including Rhythm and Sound, Pinch and 2562.

The resulting sound is a spectrum of laid back, smooth bass lines interlaced with delicately edited electronic beats that has found its home in the dub community, just as easily as with the London dubstep crowds.

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1. Highbury Dub
2. Zion
3. NMB
4. Leaving Blackstock
5. Blix
6. InI Sound
7. LNB


Lethem releases:
Interloper [self-released]
Highbury Dub EP [self-released]



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