Guest Cast 28 / dot dot (Artur Śleziak)

dot dot (Artur Śleziak) is a musisian and performer, a new face on the dub-tech ambient scene. His track ‚Traveller‚ was published by Slovenian label Retrospective Zoology specializing in promoting deep tech sounds. New dot dot music will appear in shops soon: two vinyl releases „Wired” and „Transfusio”. Also Polish labels Nitodrum and Sensetive Chemistry are going to publish his music.

Dot dot has been playing with such great artists as Jan Jelinek, Monolake, Chymera, Piotr Bejnar or Kuba Sojka. His live shows, thanks to his musical setup, are unforgetable moments filled with energy, dynamics and interesting sounds.

Listen special Guest Cast for

1. Out of [00:00-15:00]
2. Yugo [15:00-26:50]
3. Bora [26:50 – 37:05]
4. Saturday (Slow rmx) [37:05 – 44:40]
5. Deserto Homo (Slow rmx) [44:40 – 51]
6. Illusion (Slow rmx) [51 – End]



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