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Fabrica Records started out making self-dubbed cassettes for the different projects of label founder Joao DaSilva after feeling the need to release a new set of material.

After releasing only 2 homemade cassettes in 2010, the label has picked up the pace in a major way for 2011 with a total of 9 releases scheduled for this year. Mostly all the new cassettes are pro-dubbed and the rumors of some big vinyl releases for early next year are brewing.


Fabrica is a label with a strong sense of taste, but an expansive palette. Joao is putting out some weird and interesting sound artists from Brooklyn, to Chile, to California. I think Fabrica stands out a little bit from a lot of newer cassette labels in terms of the diversity of sound and I’m pround to be a part of that. I hope that you enjoy this mix I made from the Fabrica family of artists.

Help Fabrica continue to expand it’s catalog at – STRNGLV.

1. Factions – „Haze” from Cold Light Emissions cassette FAB003
2. Earthmasters – „New House” from Dwellings cassette FAB009
3. A Full Cosmic Sound – „Mediacion” FAB006
4. Covered in Diamonds and Jewels – „Sauntering Past Shackled Wedding Bands” FAB002
5. STRNGLV – „Standby…” from Psychotropia cassette FAB004
6. Orbless – „Oram Bell” from Spinning Liquid Mirror cassette FAB008
7. Luciernaga – „Fuente” FAB007
8. ADRIAN VARALLYAY – „Peeling Plaster Never Seemed so Sweet” (excerpt from unreleased demo)
9. Arid Hunter – Excerpt from the digital album Arid Hunter (
10. STRNGLV – „An Optimistic Apocalypse” (excerpt from upcoming split tape with Adrian Varallyay) FAB011


Fabrica Records releases:
FAB001 Luciernaga Life Passes Away Like Idle Chatter
FAB002 Covered in Diamonds and Jewels s/t
FAB003 Factions Cold Light Emissions
FAB004 STRNGLV Psychotropia
FAB006 A Full Cosmic Sound s/t
FAB008 ORBLESS Spinning Liquid Mirror



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