Guest Cast 23 / Hz-records, mix by Tsubasa Manabe

Hz-records is an independent record label that is based in Tokyo, Japan created by Pakchee and wk[es] in 2010. The label was launched to aim „From Tokyo, making a new music scene and producing new artists who will represent 2010’s in music”. They act as pioneers of Tokyo Electronica scene by which they distribute online music and organise live events and DTM software workshops.

On 17th Sep 2011, the label released a compilation album featuring remastered tracks from their released EPs (Hz-001 to Hz-005) and tracks self-remixed by Hz-records’ artists. New tracks are available as digital downloads from the official website.

About Guest-Cast mix:
This special DJ mix from Tsubasa Manabe (Denyroku Label), trusted by the two founders, has been released as a special version for Radio Alternator. All the sound sources in the mix are only from Hz-records’ tracks.

Listen special Guest Cast

1. My sector  / wk[es]
2. Xan / Takeshi Kagamifuchi
3. Oil  / Takeshi Kagamifuchi
4. loop 1.07 / Yaporigami
5. loop 1.15 / Yaporigami
6. Uni / Takeshi Kagamifuchi
7. Aam / Takeshi Kagamifuchi
8. dialogue / wk[es]
9. end roll / wk[es]
10. — / chimera.
11. lycoris / Fugenn & The White Elephants
12. fragmentation (Takeshi Kagamifuchi remix) / Paradrags
13. enter the B.M.I (Paradrags remix) / wk[es]
14. Manjusaka / Fugenn & The White Elephants
15. Pantheon dance / paradrags


Hz-records releases:
[Hz-001] wk[es] – EXT-ME
[Hz-002] Fugenn & The White Elephants – Lycoris
[Hz-003] Takeshi Kagamifuchi – Kvant
[Hz-004] Yaporigami – Loops 1.0
[Hz-005] Paradrags – physis
[Hz-006] wk[es] – Deus ex machina

[Hz-VA001] V.A. – 001-005Hz

live (Band camp)
[Hz-live001] Takeshi Kagamifuchi PROTOCOL feat. Hz​-​records 2010​.​12​.​12 19​:​30 @soup
[Hz-live002] wk[es] PROTOCOL feat. Hz​-​records 2010​.​12​.​12 20​:​05 @soup
[Hz-live003] Fugenn & The White Elephants PROTOCOL feat. Hz​-​records 2010​.​12​.​12 20​:​40 @soup



Click here to read more about Guest Cast project of Radio Alternator.

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