Guest Mix: Anupal Adhikary / Drift

 Anupal Adhikary / Drift

If you had to paint the landscape of a fantastical narrative that’s been the very essence of sentient conditioning, what would the elements look like? Would the miasma of the turgid mechanisms of social machinery manage to float through, above the copy of a copy of an urban copy? Would you be tempted to reach out to the discrete, the guarded, and the brutally honest depiction of snapshots excluded by the normative voices of ‘the urban carnivalesque’, in order to do some kind of justice to your own curiosity about the machinery? In a world guided by a ‘post-post-whatever’ aesthetic, the storyteller is embedded into their own dream; a toyland built with glitch that spurts through deliberately pulsing beats, finds a friends in blips cascading rapidly through a waterfall made of apparent time. Chaos itself is the storyteller at intervals, when you streamline your attention with the details through the day- vehicles communicate, humans hardly look at each other. For Calcutta-based visual artist and noise curator, Drift is a tubular journey through the sensitive but often overlooked elements of our lives, where an unexpected flash of unclothed beauty catches our attention, and we are suddenly aware of being very human and very alone. Drift seeks to reassemble a mix by playing with the structures of human temperament, as it fights through its own demons to reflect on a better way of looking at things, a more harmonious way to thrive. In an almost coquettish eloquence, dark, haunting is its silkiness. It’s dancy, it’s got vibe. The more you breathe, the closer it feels to being ok about it. And in an environment built on such tribal foundations, the children are guided back to their hometurf, their savannah of elusive stillness.


1. Charles Bukowski – Songs for Sadists Without a Place to Sit Down
2. Deafheaven – Please Remember
3. Gold Panda – We Work Nights
4. Prefuse73 – Pagina Cinco
5. Joy Orbison – So Derobe
6. Bass Communion – Sickness
7. Black Gold 360 – Feed The G
8. Volor Flex – Backward
9. Murcof – Ultimatum
10. Synkro – Sketch
11. Bearcubs – 3am
12. Daedelus – Dreamt Of Drowning
13. Shigeto – Relentless Drag
14. Ryoji Ikeda – 1110111111
15. Anupal Adhikary – Fields



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