Dublin-cast pres. Miniman Masa and Tricle (english text)

Miniman Masa - Błażej Malczak, Dublin, Ireland; foto soundcloud.com/miniman-masa
Miniman Masa, Dublin, Ireland; foto soundcloud.com/miniman-masa

Hello everyone,

This time I’ll be broadcasting mix of myself (Tricle) and Miniman Masa.

Start of live streaming at 19.00 GMT (20.00 Polish time)


Here is something about Miniman Masa bio:

Since he was 18 years old, he loved the african rhythms, he started to play and collect djembe, bongos, and congas. Together with his friends he created the Red Sun collective with whom he did street performances and played sound systems with dj’s in cities Konin and Poznań. He also participated in Drum Machina project in Poznań which performed music they called “drum’n’pop”.

It was very unique marriage of rhythms which have their origin in various cultures, drum’n’bass, modern sample based arrangements and pop music. It was very energetic and spectacular live performance. They had a couple of successful tours and concerts in Poland and other European countries.

A few years later he discovered the magical world of electronic music. He bought his first Technics 1210 turntables and he started spinning house music and after a few months of hard training he had the chance to play for public again. After a while he felt that this was not his thing and he was therefore looking for something else so he discovered the electro and minimal scene. He played in clubs such as: Art, Imperium, Pod Dechami, Klinika Artystyczna, Cute and W Starym Kinie.

When he moved to Ireland he met dj’s from Poland and together they created collective called Lost in Sound. With them he played gigs in Dublin’s clubs Radio City, The Cavern, Traffic, The Legal Eagle and Blue Note.

Go to Miniman Masa soundcloud profile

Stay tuned!


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