!lectric play special 024: JAMES FLAVOUR @ Ośrodek, Wrocław

!lectric play special 024:

DIRT CREW NIGHT with JAMES FLAVOUR [Dirt Crew, Highgrade, Moodmusic, My Best Friend] Berlin

09.04.2010 piątek
Klub Ośrodek przy Teatrze Muzycznym Capitol
ul. Piłsudskiego 67

start: 21.00

tax: 10 PLN do 23.00 / 15 PLN od 23.00 do 03.00 / 5 PLN od 03.00 do 06.00

Już niedługo we wrocławskim klubie Ośrodek, a dzień później w poznańskim klubie Cute wystąpi połowa legendarnego duetu DIRT CREW z Berlina, Felilx B Eder aka JAMES FLAVOUR. Genialny dj i producent, twórca niezliczonej ilości rewelacyjnych tracków i remixów dla całej rzeszy artystów z czołówki światowej sceny klubowej elektroniki.
Współtwórca Dirt Crew Recordings oraz Players Paradise Rec.
Jego produkcje ukazywały się na takich labelach jak Highgrade, Brique Rouge, My Best Friend, Soma, Moodmusic czy też Fine Rec.
Autor ponad 100 genialnych produkcji i remixów !!!
Sety James’a to potężna dawka energetycznego house’u, deep techno i tech-house’u podanego w naprawdę mocno tanecznej wersji !

Tej imprezy nie można opuścić !

2004 Dirt Crew aka James Flavour and Break 3000 launched Dirt Crew Recordings after releasing their first EP’s „Cleaning up the Ghetto Part 1+2” on MBF. The track „Rok Da House” became one of the key records of 2004, the beginning of the Electro House hype and a big hit that gave the guys worldwide recognition on the dancefloors. Also Moodmusic released two 12’s with the brilliant „808 Lazerbeam” and „Darkside” in 2004 and the „Domino” E.P. in 2005, but things really got wild when they remixed Sasse’s „Soul Sounds” which again went straight in the charts and was voted one of the best remixes of 2005 in the german „Groove” magazine and has been dropped by all major DJ’s. They also remixed the first single of the „Who made Who“ album on Gomma in 2005 and made classic remixes for artists and labels like Jennifer Cardini, Silicone Soul, 2020 Vision, Crosstownrebels, Freerange and Breastfed.

Due to their success and productivity they decided to start up their own labels named Dirt Crew Recordings and Players Paradise. Straight from the start Dirt Crew Recordings went off into the charts with the super massive remix of „Largo” by Dominik Eulberg who has set his path for success with this particular remix and is now one of Germans leading producers. But also the hot first single by Dirt Crew „What you Want” released in October 2004 is still a highlight in the whole retro old school scene.With the massive singles of James Flavour, Break 3000, Tigerskin and Jennifer Cardini the label proved to have an excellent output. With new artist like Prudo, Adultnapper, Sian and Drum Cult the label expands its view on quality house and minimalistic sounds. Combining these new artists with well known heroes of the scene like Andre Kraml and Spirit Catcher proved to be the key of success. Dirt Crew Recordings will follow this path in the future and will keep on promoting da real house sound.

Their second label Players Paradise was launched in 2005 as an offspring of Dirt Crew Recordings because the guys wanted to promote other genres as well in their catalogue and also this label took off really fast with the first two singles by Sweet Slave and Martinez. Taking it even deeper and more towards deep house but still combining it with the new crisp sound from the minimal scenes. Big remixes from Mike Monday and Serge Santiago got the people moving to the dirty sound and with new faces like the italian producer Marcello Giordani who presents his Italo-house grooves or Glasgows Mash with his sleazy Nu-Disco tracks the Dirt Crew also shows the world that there’s more to house music.



DIRT CREW – Cleaning up the ghetto pt.1 – My best friend (2004)
DIRT CREW – Cleaning up the ghetto pt.2 – My best friend (2004)
DIRT CREW – 808lazerbeam/darkside – Moodmusic (2004)
SWEET SLAVE – Rotten/fear – Lasergun (2004)
DIRT CREW – Give me house – Moodmusic-limited (2004)
DIRT CREW – What you want – Dirt Crew rec. (2004)
DIRT CREW – Largo / Hehe Incl. Dominik Eulberg Remix – Dirt Crew rec. (2004)
DIRT CREW – Rok da House Remixes Freestyleman/ Donnacha Costello – My best friend (2005)
SWEET SLAVE – Feel Free / Do I Do – Players Paradise (2005)
DIRT CREW – Domino / Break My Body – Moodmusic (2005)
DIRT CREW – Transit – F.U.N. 2 – Fine (2006)
DIRT CREW – Silver / Lost – My best friend (2006)
SWEET SLAVE – Cream – Dirt Crew Recordings (2006)
DIRT CREW – Places / Deep (We Are) – Dirt Crew Recordings (2007)
DIRT CREW – Places / Deep (We Are) Francois Dubois/ Smash TV rmxs – Dirt Crew Recordings (2007)
DIRT CREW – Coming For You / Big Bad City – Dirt Crew Recordings (2007)
DIRT CREW – RAW Rmxs Motorcitysoul/ Bäumel & DosSantos/ Tom Clark – Dirt Crew Recordings (2007)
DIRT CREW – Boogie Down Incl. Falko Brocksieper/ Chopstick & Johnjon/ Les Bouchers Remixes – Dirt Crew Recordings (2008)
DIRT CREW – Mindforce Incl. Kabale und Liebe Remix – Dirt Crew Recordings (2008)
DIRT CREW – Soundwave – Dirt Crew Recordings (2008)
DIRT CREW – Soundwave Remixes ( Quarion/ Filippo Moscatello ) – Dirt Crew Recordings (2009)
DIRT CREW – Real Deal – Night Starter 4 – Moodmusic
DIRT CREW – Redux – Moodmusic (2009)
DIRT CREW – Deep Cover Remixes ( Roberto Rodriguez/ Vincenzo ) – Moodmusic (2010)

Album CD :

DIRT CREW – The First Chapter – Dirt Crew Recordings (2005)
V/a – Collection 01 – Dirt Crew Recordings (2006)
DIRT CREW – Raw – Dirt Crew Recordings (2007)
V/a – Collection 02 DJ Mix – Dirt Crew Recordings (2008)
DIRT CREW – Blow – Moodmusic (2009)

Remixes :

HANSEN DJ DANIEL – Dirt Crew rmx-Trapez-(2004)
M.A.N.D.Y. – Naomi-Dirt Crew ghetto dub-My best friend-(2004)
Anja Schneider – Tonite-Dirt Crew rmx-PIAS(2004)
HOEL JAMES – Maurris light (Dirt Crew mix)-Boxer sport-(2005)
Dave DK – Crush the Bits (Dirt Crew rmx)-Television-(2005)
Sasse-Soul sounds – Dirt Crew Solid Daimond rmx-Mood music(2005)
Freestyle man – Juna – Dirt Crew Rework – Dirt Crew Rec.(2005)
Marc Romboy – Jack is back (Dirt Crew Remix) – Systematic (2005)
Jennifer Cardini + 22 Crew – Egal (Dirt Crew Rework) – Dirt005 (2005)
Who Made Who – Space For Rent (Dirt Crew Remix) – Gomma (2005)
Silicone Soul – Inferno (Dirt Crew Soundwave mix) – Soma (2005)
Metrika – Time (Dirt Crew Acid Mix) – Crosstownrebels (2006)
Linus Loves – Night Music (Dirt Crew Remix) – Breastfed (2006)
Jimpster – Seventh Wave (Dirt Crew Rework) – Freerange (2006)
2020 Soundsystem – Tape (Dirt Crew Remix) – 2020 Vision (2006)
Drum Cult – Radio (Dirt Crew Rework) – Dirt Crew Recordings (2006)
Komytea – Kanyon (Dirt Crew Remix) – Laka (2007)
K.I.Z. – Spasst (Dirt Crew Booty Mix) – Universal/ Vertigo (2007)
Francois Dubois & Master H – La Balance (Dirt Crew Remix) – Urban Torque (2008)
Daso & Pawas – Bummelzug (Dirt Crew Rework) – Flash (2008)
Sierra – Stay (Dirt Crew Dub) (2008)
Miky Talarico – Use your Room (Dirt Crew Remix) – Takos (2008)
Sasse – Break Up (Dirt Crew Dub ) – Moodmusic (2008)
Stefanowitz – Laterr (Dirt Crew House Mix) – Strøm (2008)
Christian F – Detago (Dirt Crew Remix) – Siam (2009) Coming Up !
Tom Flynn – Spaced Out (Dirt Crew Remix) – Anabatic (2009) Coming Up !
Steffen Nehrig – Caesar (Dirt Crew Deep Space Mix) – Dirt Crew Recordings (2009)
Cristian F – Detago (Dirt Crew Remix) – Siam (2009)
Leyton – Let’s Talk About The Brass (Dirt Crew Remix) – Friends Electric (2009)
Betoko & Mar T – Laughing Gas (Dirt Crew Remix) – OKO (2010)
Smacks & Patrick Kong – Growers (Dirt Crew Remix) – Estrela (2010)
BarBQ – My Pink Motor Boat (Dirt Crew Remix) – Highway (2010)
The Neurotic Drumband – Cardboard Wings (Dirt Crew Remix) – You Are Hear (2010) Coming Up !

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