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mAtter is a sound & design label, with works centering around Yukitomo Hamasaki. The label take an approach to various types of media, such as sound design, architecture, and product design. It interprets/restructures these concepts in a lot of different ways, based on mAtter’s own perspective, with the goal of  constructing dense space. The members of the project aren’t specified, and they switch depending on the various projects. The members mainly consist of musicians, architects, video artists, and writers.

Yukitomo Hamasaki began his music career at the age of 18,  taking his cues from djing at AOYAMA MIX in Tokyo. In 2000, he released his mix tape „INCOMMUNICABLE” under the name DJ HAMASAKI. It was distributed in the UK and has became highly regarded for the steadfast style, which reflects his musical background. In 2004 he has released „adjustructure” from angel’s egg under the name of his unit, Nothing’s Clear. After the creation, he has been keen to join some experimental music and sound art events which revolved around the use of software MAX/MSP, instead of vinyl.

He has participated in Sound Cave at Tokyo Designer’s Block, Laptop orchestra, laptop orchestra for visual etc… In 2007, he launched his sound and design label, mAtter. As soon as he launched the label, he began to offer the concept. He has provided the concepts for CD jackets and architectures since then.

Listen special Guest Cast for

01: GoKoyashiki / To the subject a little (demo track)
Go’s demo Piano work

02: pe lang / material art
Pe Lang’s sound of installation work
03: pleq / Getting Through
pleq’s demo track of release from mAtter
04: Yukitomo Hamasaki /  untitled – demo track
Yukitomo’s demo track

05: Yukitomo Hamasaki / 02
from „Yukitomo Hamasaki / d+p”

06: shotahirama /  What Was Out There Disappeared
from „shotahirama / UNHAPPY AMERICAN LOST IN TOKYO” release by Re-Records

07: pe lang / nacht -optionen9.20
from pe lang „nacht”
8: Go Koyashiki / dom
Go’s new work release from mAtter in the near future
09: shotahirama / Dark Night Of The Soul
from „shotahirama / UNHAPPY AMERICAN LOST IN TOKYO” release by Re-Records
10: pleq / The Glow Of Minerals
pleq’s demo track of release from mAtter
11: Yukitomo Hamasaki / 05
from „Yukitomo Hamasaki / d+p”
12: Go Koyashiki / silhouette
Go’s new work release from mAtter in the near future

From mAtter to release schedule of works chosen artist when the future.


mAtter releases:
[MATTER001] Yukitomo Hamasaki – d + p
[MATTER002] Go Koyashiki – slit
[MATTER003] Andy Graydon – Geomancy
[MATTER004] Shinkei and mise_en_scene – scytale



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