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Gastón Arévalo is a multidisciplinary artist focused on the exploration at sound and visual art, being a strong presence in his work concepts like aislacionism and nature has one of the fundamental elements of his inspiration.

His works, therefore, are based on organic rhythms, field recordings; varying textures and melodies, mixed with electric-acoustic collages. His goal is to create a surrounding sound atmosphere, exploring in terrains relatives to ambient, experimental and techno influences. Through the years he has been experimenting with sound, always searching for where he feels most comfortable and a personal and intimate music.

He has participated at international relevant events and festivals showing and exhibiting his work, exploring in audiovisual genre and editing his works in relevants international labels like Thinner (Germany), and Passage (Russia) an ambient sub-division of Fragment label.

about the Guest Cast mix :
This Live performance, is a long diving trip like a scuba machine, throught the Marea album pieces, traslating natural landscapes into digital sonic reality. The set is framed into a organic ambient style, full of processed field recordings and electroacoustic collages.

Listen special Guest Cast for

Gastón Arévalo – marea
Gastón Arévalo – nebular
Gastón Arévalo – latitud
Gastón Arévalo – bosque
Gastón Arévalo – dive-3
Gastón Arévalo – delta
Gastón Arévalo – maritim


Gastón Arévalo releases:
Ultramar [Thinner]
Austral [Thinner]
Marea [Passage]



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