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klitorik tries to form daily discomforting energies into beautiful moments and gives you a smile. Due habitual lack of attention, klitorik will most likely pass by unnoticed, without leaving traces. The truth is subtle, often invisible – klitorik just shows what’s around us. klitorik doesn’t want to rebel, rather it tries to be a good friend.

Viewing simple things in life seems to be essential. Colours and shapes communicate clearly. If there is time for silence, you recognize the natural value of your environment, which is not self-evident.

The Berlin-based artists Marius Rehmet & Steven Thomas founded „klitorik” in 2005. It started like a personal retreatment for expressing themselves. Now the platform is working with people from all over the world focused on Music, Design & Photography.

Listen special Guest Cast for

1. olaf tonstein – kawasaki [field recording]
2. olaf tonstein – so 4-8 min
3. olaf tonstein – untitled
4. marow – +
5. marow – ist
6. smbp – inch
7. marow – bright
8. olaf tonstein – enif

klitorik releases:
[001] marow [c]2004+
[002] marow sinn.tätig
[003] olaf tonstein untitled
[004] klitorik°004
[005] olaf tonstein dreieck
[006] marow
[007] olaf tonstein warmkalt
[008] smbp sfera
[009] olaf tonstein field recordings
[010] marow +
[011] olaf tonstein untitled
[012] olaf tonstein + marow scintillation



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