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Christoph Berg (born 1985) lives and works in Kiel, Germany – starting to produce music under the moniker Field Rotation in 2008. First tracks he produced for various compilations on Ultimae Records and Fluid Audio. The first solo release has been the EP Licht und Schatten on Fluid Audio in late 2009. 2010 his first full-length album will be released.

A collection of Licht und Schatten reviews can be found here

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1. Field Rotation – Schlafwandler (Tagträumer)
[self-released: Licht und Schatten Remixed EP]
2. adamned.age – Trip Down Memory Lane (Field Rotation Remix)
[original track: Whiteout EP (PublicSpaces Lab)]
3. Field Rotation – Lichtbrechung (Edit)
[Licht und Schatten EP (Fluid Audio)]
4. Field Rotation – Zeitreise
[V/A Chillbasics Vol. 1 (Chillbase)]
5. Halogen – Length & Brecht (Field Rotation Remix)
[Length & Brecht / Remixed EP (IDMf)]
6. Field Rotation – Parallelwelten
[self-released: Parallelwelten EP]


Field Rotation releases:
Hope (VA compilation) [Fluid Audio]
Parallelwelten EP [self-released]
Imaginary Friends (VA compilation) [Ultimae Records]
Licht und Schatten EP [Fluid Audio]
Licht und Schatten Remixed EP [self-released]
Chillbasics Vol. 1 (VA compilation) [Chillbase]



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