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entia non is the project moniker of Australian artist James McDougall.

His work is for the most part, an expression of the cadence of personal experiences acquired somewhere between the mundane quotidian grind and weekend forays into the more majestic Australian landscape (South East Queensland).

Not possessed of any overarching conceptual approach, he combines a careful balance of processed field recordings, reconstructed pilferings from vinyl, CD, old tapes, studio recordings, contact mics, shortwave radio etc., which is finalized into structured multi-track compositions.
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Track List:
01. Endemically Speaking. Updrafts. [Dataobscura]
02. Excerpt from material used in collaboration with David Velez. [Ripples recordings]
03. Ascending Mount Restitution. v/a In the Rhetoric of Rupture and Reappropriation. [Ripples Recordings]
04. Barbed Wire in the Back Paddock. Disinter. [Sentient Recognition Archives]
05. Excerpt from material used in collaboration with Anthony Paul Kirby. Description Without Place. [Dataobscura]
06. Excerpt from KinKin. [Q-tone]


entia non releases:
Distal [Test Tube]
Inter Alia [U-Cover CDr Limited]
Zero Comma Zero [U-Cover Minidisc]
Fold [dataObscura]
Lilt [Test Tube]
Remora [dataObscura]
Sub Routine [Resting Bell]
Updrafts [dataObscura]
Bewilderment [Resting Bell]
Disinter Sentient [Recognition Archive]
Escarments [SEM Label]

James Mcdougall releases:
An Opening In The Canopy [Compost And Height]
Kin Kin [Q-tone]



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