2010-09-30 Bass Me In

W Bass Me In nadal pozostajemy poza dubstep’ową stylistyka, ale w pobliżu dub’u i jego korzeni. W przygotowanym na dzisiaj miksie, zaprezentuję czyste jamajskie nagrania wspierane energią berlińskiego deep techno. Będzie okazja usłyszeć Mad Professora, Cornella Campbella, Mind Over Midi czy Beat Pharmacy.

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1. prince buster – girl, why don’t you answer
/ lena – circonstances / variation 4
3. sly & robbie + howie b – stripped to the bone
/ brentford allstars – greedy g
5. beat pharmacy – hot spot splash feat. paul st hilaire
6. pre fade listening – struggle (version)
7. mad professor – slice of the pie
8. beat pharmacy – wata (water) feat. mutabaruka
9. tomzen – che amichi
10. cornell campbell – my only dub
11. mad professor and lee perry – dub dread
12. mad professor meets scientist – boo boo dub
13. pre fade listening – 1000 names
14. systemwide – carlos jammy (turkish stonewash rmx)
15. mind over midi – revelation feat. tikiman
16. sly n robbie vs. dubblestandart vs. fillinger – 10 tons of dope (heavy heavy monster dub)
17. love trio in dub – got dub
18. pre fade listening – mata hari
19. dj ridm feat. roots temper – zion
20. mad professor and lee perry – dub party
21. sly & robbie + howie b – into battle
22. dj disse – egyptian disco (banzai republic remix part 2)
23. johnny osbourne – we need love


Czwartek, godzina 21:00 – zaprasza Paide!

Bass me in ::: listen here

The music we’re playing is not for commercial purposes. If you like it please support the artists by buying their records.

  • Wow, dubstep sure is catching on it seems like. Everyone I bump into now adays knows about it but just like last year nobody really knew. Insane!

  • you’re talkin ’bout dubstep but this show based only on dub reagge music ;d but you’re right. hype on dubstep hapenned 2 years ago or somethin’.